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Everything you need to know about: Chinese Hot Pots

What’s a Hot Pot? Other than two words sounding funny when put together Hot Pots are a social affair and are absolutely delicious! We show you how to make a delicious hot pot at home.

What’s a hot pot?

Hot Pot is a meal where everyone sits around a portable stove with a pot heating up stock inside it. They then cook raw meat and vegetables in the stock and feast! It’s an incredibly social affair and everybody digs in, cooks and shares. The stock then becomes incredibly tasty as lots of ingredients are cooked in it releasing their flavours.

How to hot pot?

  1. Make a soup stock - see our veggie hot pot soup stock recipe.
  2. Prepare sauces, i.e. soy sauce, chilli and garlic, satay sauce etc
  3. Buy and prep raw ingredients, see below (What Food can you have in a Chinese hot pot) for ideas.
  4. Any ingredients that need cooking, you can prep these, like dumplings. Serve them cold and people can place them into the hot pot to heat up before eating.
  5. Place hot pot cooker in the centre of the table, pour in soup stock. Place all sauces and raw ingredients around the cooker.
  6. Allow each person two chopsticks. One to pick up raw ingredients (wooden chopstick) and one for eating with (bamboo chopstick). That way there is no cross contamination.
  7. Have ladles and sieve ladles around for people to pick up and cook with.
  8. Ensure each person has a sauce bowl for them to create their own sauces
  9. Beer as a drink goes very well with hot pots.
  10. Feast!

What food can you have in a Chinese hot pot

Anything that can be boiled is fine! The more popular options are:

  • Fish balls
  • Raw meat slices - Pork, Beef, Chicken
  • Fish - Salmon, Prawns
  • Mushrooms - Enoki, Chinese dried mushrooms
  • Dumplings
  • Noodles - Ramen, Udon
  • Lettuce - Pak Choi, Iceburg
  • Satay Sauce
  • Soy Sauce
  • Chilli Sauce
  • Stock - make your own (see our veggie stock recipe)

The types of raw fish that can be eaten at a hot pot.

The different types of mushrooms and vegetables and meat for a hot pot. As you can see, vegetarians should not worry.

Meat rolls at a hot pot, these are pork and beef.

What equipment do you need for a Chinese hot pot?

We hope everyone is now armed with the knowledge to have a fantastic feast of a hot pot. It really can be as extravagent or as casual as you want!

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