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Our 5 Most Favourite Snacks Foods You Have To Try in Hong Kong


Pineapple Bun - Sai Kung

Location: Sai Kung Cafe and Bakery, G/F, 6-7 Hoi Pong Square, Hong Kong

Literally translated as Pineapple Bun, this bun does not have any pineapple in it but it’s covering looks like one, hence the name.

We travelled to Sai Kung to the famous Sai Kung Bakery and bought one of these and it didn’t disappoint! Crunchy, sweet topping it’s our go-to snack when out and about in HK.


Shanghai Pan Fried Buns


Location: Cheung Hing Kee Shanghai Pan Fried Buns, 48 Lock Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

These are Michelin Guide 2016 recommended, gotta give them a go. They are the most delicious pan fried dumplings. Juicy inside and a lovely golden brown bottom, they are pretty brilliant.


Hong Kong Brands & Products Expo

We managed to catch the 51st Hong Kong Brands & Products Expo which happens once a year. Many(mainly) food related stores come out and show-case their products and you get to sample many Chinese delights all in one place!

Of the many stores out there we sampled delicious custard tarts which are a famous delicacy in Chinese cuisine. They had their traditional egg custard tarts as well as durian custard tarts.

Another delicacy is dried pork meat or jerky which can be quite pricey but at this expo the quality was good. Definitely worth trying.

It was a hot December day and pineapples on sticks were a welcome snack, they were so sweet and delicious and we were the envy of the crowds!


Fish Balls on sticks or tubs from stalls in Hong Kong

Whether they’re on a stick or in a tub, you just got to try these from the stalls pretty much anywhere in Hong Kong. They make the perfect snack and it’s not unusual for people to just stand there eating fish balls before they move onto more shopping and other stalls!


Bubble Egg Waffles

Location: Chez a Grande Soeur, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

Literally our favourite snack on earth. These are waffles shaped like bubbles or little eggs. They’re really cheap and really tasty, perfect for snacking on the go. Again they’re a popular snack so you should be able to get this pretty much anywhere. Look out for the stalls.

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