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Our Top 5 Favourite Places to Visit in Hong Kong

We show you 5 of our most favourite places to visit when you travel to Hong Kong!

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1. Hong Kong Skyline

Where: Tsim Tsa Tsui

If you come to Hong Kong, visit the HK skyline. Every day at 8pm there’s a light show called The Symphony of Lights at 8pm, however it does get quite busy. Otherwise just seeing this skyline without the lights, during the day or night is still spectacular. We love waiting for the traditional junk boat that sails across the skyline and looks absolutely beautiful.

2. Giant Buddha

Where: Lantau Island

This is a giant, bronze buddha that sits on top of a mountain. We totally recommend coming here but be warned there is a lot of steps to walk to get up to the buddha itself. In the surroundings is the beautiful monastery where you’ll see monks wandering around. There is even a delicious vegetarian restaurant that will have your favourite meat meals in vegetarian form, it really is that good!

3. Sharp Island

Where: Boat from Sai Kung

A natural beauty and an easy boat ride from Sai Kung which is a popular fishing town. Sharp Island has a bit of everything, beaches, hiking and even interesting rock formations. There is something called a Tombolo - a rock bridge that appears on a low tide which you can walk across to get to a neighbouring small island. We were also lucky once to catch the sunset here and it was spectacular.

4. Victoria Peak and Tram

Where: Hong Kong Central

Victoria Peak offers wonderful 360 views of Hong Kong and to get up you take a tram that goes all the way up to the Peak. Again this does get incredibly busy so allow plenty of time, stay hydrated and bring snacks! The view is something to behold, but getting there is also an experience. The tram operates on a funicular railway which takes you up an impossibly steep slope to get to the top. One not to miss!

5. Ocean Park Hong Kong

Where: Ocean Park station

Ocean Park is a massive amusement park in Hong Kong which also houses an oceanarium and an animal theme park. Great for kids as well as adults, there’s so much to see and do. We particularly like the cable car that goes up to a separate area of the park. There are also so many rollercoaster rides to experience!

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