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Our Top 5 Most Delicious Dessert Places You Must Try In Hong Kong

Someone has to do this job right? We went to Hong Kong and sampled many dessert places and have for you here our top 5! This list is not exhaustive so there are many, many more lovely desserts to try, let us know in the comments below if you know of anymore!


This was too cute to miss. Little tiny balls of ice cream in a little bowl divided into different flavours. We loved it although probably could do with a bigger bowl!

2. HUI LAU SHAN, Tsim Tsa Tsui

From top to bottom: Mango Chewy Ball Pudding, Mango Mochi, Mango Nougat

This was absolutely delicious. The Mango Chewy Ball Pudding came with mango ice cream, mango bits and chewy balls. It was a huge portion so we split it between two.


From top to bottom: Green Tea and Rum n Raisin, Red Bean Ice Cream

We had to give this place a shout out. You can find ice cream everywhere in Hong Kong but this place was really worth the value. It was incredibly cheap and very good quality. There were lots of flavours to choose from as well. We particularly liked the red bean ice cream.

4. YOGURT in Panda Hotel Tsuen Wan

We’ve included this yogurt stall in Panda Hotel because it’s absolutely delicious for one and secondly it is quite refreshing to see something a little healthier in Hong Kong. This was a berry and banana yogurt with granola bits. Absolutely fine for dessert, or breakfast or lunch!

5. Taro and Tapioca Pearl Pudding and Iced Watermelon, KEI KEE DESSERT, Yuen Long

Taro and Tapioca Pearl Pudding is a very traditional and classic dessert in Hong Kong. You’ll find small shops, open till late, completely packed with people having this rather than your usual ice creams etc. The tapioca pudding can be served hot or cold. It tastes like coconut milk and is sweet, we enjoyed this one a lot. Give it a try next time you’re in Hong Kong!

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