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THE Best Meals on a Budget in Hong Kong!

The list is non-exhaustive really and we know there are many more, but here we show you our top 3 go-to meals to eat in Hong Kong when you’re on a budget.

1. MX

MX is a chain of fast food restaurants in Hong Kong that sell really cheap Chinese meals. You’ll be gobsmacked at the prices as well as the taste.

We generally have their roast pork, roast duck and roast chicken with boiled rice, but they have a large menu which changes every day. They also do amazing hot pots which come with loads of raw ingredients for you to cook.


You won’t regret this one. This is a dumpling house and does the most amazing dumplings. They also do noodles, buns and desserts as well. But their dumplings…

We had spicy dumplings, a massive extra large dumpling, the typical shanghai dumplings and veggie dumplings.


A very traditional thing to do in Hong Kong is go and have congee for breakfast. It’s not a ‘blow-your-mind’ experience but it’s a very local thing to do. As soon as our feet touch ground in HK we need to go and have congee just to round off our experience.

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