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Top 10 Chinese Cooking Store Cupboard Essentials that you must have


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​So Chinese Cooking may terrify some people as it can be quite unknown. However it will be made 100% easier if you have at least some of these top 10 store cupboard essentials ready to help you along in the kitchen. They are not expensive and are used all the time so will definitely not be a waste.



Cornflour is really useful for thickening sauces in Chinese cooking. It's as simple as 1, 2, really take a look at our How To article on thickening sauces for more details on this. You'll only use teaspoons at a time so this store cupboard essential should last you a while.



Soy sauce is a staple in Chinese cooking, it is used for seasoning, but also provides an important function of colouring your dish a little and turning it a lovely brown, whether it's a gravy-like sauce or giving a little more colour to boiled rice. We tend to put as much in as makes the perfect colour (not too brown) and then add salt if there needs to be more seasoning. That's the trick.



Buy a bag of long grain rice and it will serve you well. It will be there for you when you need it, and a bag will last a long time! You will be able to cook many meals, such as boiled rice or any of our other rice recipes. Get cooking!



Vegetable oil is used in every recipe when you begin cooking. It's the first thing you stick in the wok or pan and heat on high heat before you put in your ingredients. A definite must-have.



Sesame oil is such a fragrant oil and can actually replace vegetable oil in your cooking of Chinese food. A top tip that we love doing is after you finish cooking your meal to drizzle a tiny amount of sesame oil in and mix into your dish, it is absolutely delicious!



Another store cupboard essential is dried noodles. Acts similarly to long grain rice in that it will just be there for you...indefinitely! Well not indefinitely but it has a long expiry date and is extremely easy to prepare. Boil a pan of water and stick in the dried noodles for 5 minutes at most (or however long it instructs you to on the packet) and voila you have noodles to start cooking with.



Salt is an obvious one and one that most people will already have in their cupboards. It is an optional ingredient according to taste, but a little goes a long way and can enhance the flavour of your dishes.



White pepper acts in the same way as black pepper, which is what people will more likely have in their cupboards, in Chinese cooking. It's absolutely optional but we like to add a little in our rice dishes to give that extra flavour and a little kick!



This is an optional sauce but mix in a teaspoon to your sauce-based Chinese recipe dishes and it's absolutely delicious. Acts like a seasoning similar to Soy Sauce but doesn't make your sauce runny as it's a thick sauce itself. It's not suitable for vegetarians.



Ordinary green tea is fine as well, but if you can, try and find some nice green tea leaves to brew, no milk needed. It's tradition to drink green tea with Chinese meals. It really helps to aid digestion in your meal and goodness knows Chinese people eat a lot of food, so need it!

​So there’s our top 10 store cupboard essentials for Chinese cooking. As you can see they are really inexpensive and a little goes a long way with these!

Hope that helps, any questions just give us a comment below!

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