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Top 10 cooking tips on how to cook Chinese food recipes

So you want to know how to cook Chinese food? You’ve found a recipe online. But you start to panic, you don’t have a wok, you don’t know how to stir fry, you don’t know how to boil rice, it’s all just too much and too complicated. Well never fear, here is a list of top ten tips when cooking Chinese food.


You don’t have to have a wok.
Don’t be put off when you see Chinese recipe videos or Chinese recipes stating that you need a wok. An ordinary frying pan will do the job just as well.


Make sure you do not burn your cooking.
Chinese food literally takes minutes to cook on a high heat, so when stir frying, you are basically making sure that the food in your wok or pan does not burn or stick. You will stir fry a lot when adding in soya sauce and salt at the end to incorporate it into the food.


When cooking and boiling long grain rice, make sure you wash the grains beforehand before you boil it.
Repeat this action once or twice until the water runs clear when you are draining it away. Also in general the amount of water you add into the pan when cooking and boiling the rice is normally twice the amount of grains that you have in your pan.


Preparation, preparation, preparation.
Things go more smoothly when you have prepared everything you need before you even touch your wok or pan. This can be down to preparing the meat (pre-cooking it) or boiling the rice or even preparing the stock for your sauce-based recipes.


To thicken the sauce of your sauce-based Chinese recipes, you need to use cornflour.
See this article to know how to thicken sauces.


Keep ingredients which can last for a long time in your store cupboard.
When cooking Chinese food you will find that the same ingredients come up time and time again. See our article on store cupboard essentials for more information on what ingredients you can keep in your cupboard.


Knowing your cooking temperatures.
When cooking Chinese food you are more than likely to be cooking on a high heat right from the start. Make sure that when you heat up your oil it is hot before you add in any other ingredients. Use either vegetable oil or sesame oil if you have it.


Simple and quick is sometimes the best.
Boiled rice may seem too easy but if you’ve just made a hearty saucy meat main something as simple as boiled rice will be a delicious accompaniment to it. It is all about a good balance of flavours and textures.


Fresh ingredients are always the best.
If you’re cooking meat like chicken, beef, king prawns, shrimp, pork or duck it is always recommended to buy it fresh and cook it fresh. There is nothing worse than old meat when cooking Chinese food.


Oriental supermarkets are an amazing to buy your Chinese cooking ingredients.
It is all there and you can bulk buy ingredients from there, for example, you can buy rice by the sack rather than a packet. Oriental supermarkets are also used by Chinese people to stock up on food for their Chinese takeaway or Chinese restaurant. So be assured! Several things like black bean and bamboo shoots and water chestnuts are hard to find in your average supermarket so do visit an oriental one to fins your favourite Chinese ingredients.

So there are our top ten tips for cooking Chinese food recipes. No more “How do I cook Chinese food?” and “Where can I buy black beans?” It is all answered here for you!

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