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Typical Food to Eat for Celebrations in Hong Kong

So what’s different in Chinese cuisine when there’s a something to celebrate? I.e. Chinese New Year, weddings, the many Festivals etc. We’ll give you a list of typical Chinese food to eat for these occasions:



Suckling pig is eaten at weddings, gatherings, birthdays etc and is a symbol of celebration. It is normally roasted and has a very crispy skin with a thin layer of meat underneath. When you bite into it, the skin cracks and the meat should be lovely and tender.



Pun Choi is a very large basin of layered meat and vegetables which is cooked together. Ingredients that can absorb juices are layered near the bottom and ingredients, like seafood, are placed on top. Ingredients can include pork, beef, lamb, chicken, duck, abalone, prawn, crab, dried mushroom, fishballs, squid, dried shrimp, bean curd and Chinese white radish amongst many other things.

The way it is eaten is with a gas stove in the middle of the table which heats the Pun Choi for about 2 hours and then the lid is taken off and everyone eats around it with bowls of rice.

Traditionally Pun Choi was eaten in villages, served at festivals, weddings, special occasions, but they are now enjoyed at restaurants as well.



They steamed buns are called peach buns as they are the shape of a peach. They do not contain peaches at all! Basically inside is sweet lotus paste and the soft outside dough is similar to roast pork bun dough. Usually served as the last course of a meal, like a dessert.

The reason for the shape is that it is normally served at birthdays and the peach is a symbol of long life and longevity. Definitely one of our favourite things to eat!

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