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Seafood Recipes

Shrimp Fried Rice

Shrimps and fried rice garnished with slices of spring onion, delicious!

Prep 20 mins/Cooking 10 mins, Easy

King Prawn Ho Fun Rice Noodles

These rice noodles are delicious. For extra flavour, brown the king prawns a little before you cook the dish, makes such a huge difference.

Prep 10 mins/Cooking 7 mins, Easy

King Prawn Fu Yung Omelettte

A definite showstopper. The king prawns absolutely make this one and it tastes delicious. This recipe uses 3 eggs, if you're hungry this could feed one, or you can share between 2 people.

Prep 0 mins/Cooking 8 mins, Easy

How to Cook a Chinese Takeaway Meal for One (Part 2)

On the menu tonight is chicken and mushroom soup, king prawn chow mein noodles and mixed vegetables. We show you how to cook all of these for one person, because you can't always share.

Prep 15 mins/Cooking 20 mins, Easy

Sweet and Sour Fish (Cod) Cantonese Style

Lovely, flaky cod in batter with sweet and sour sauce, what more could one ask for?

Prep 10 mins/Cooking 15 mins, Hard

King Prawn Chop Suey

An easy to prepare and easy to cook dish. Perfect for when you want a big plate of seafood!

Prep 2 mins/Cooking 6 mins, Easy

Singapore Vermicelli Noodles

Madras paste gives this dish a kick and all the meats make this Singapore vermicelli extra special

Prep 15 mins/Cooking 5 mins, Average

Sweet and Sour King Prawns Cantonese Style

This is so worth making and not actually that hard once you know what's what. Follow this easy to cook recipe and you'll be a winner with this dinner!

Prep 10 mins/Cooking 15 mins, Hard

Singapore Fried Rice

Add curry paste and you get a spicy version of your favourite fried rice with all the trimmings!

Prep 20 mins/Cooking 10 mins, Easy

Special Fried Rice

This is special fried rice which means a mix of roast pork, chicken and shrimps, all the meats!

Prep 20 mins/Cooking 10 mins, Easy

Shrimp Fu Yung Omelette

Nutritionally, shrimp is an excellent source of B12, so what are you waiting for, give this one a go!

Prep 3 mins/Cooking 4 mins, Easy

Steamed Sea Bass Chinese Style

Steamed fish is a really healthy way to cook and eat fish. The additions of ginger and spring onions make it even more delicious!

Prep 10 mins/Cooking 11 mins, Easy

Chicken Congee (with Dried Scallops)

You won't regret learning this one. It's a really traditional Chinese recipe. Culturally Chinese eat congee for breakfast, but really we say just eat it as and when you feel like it!

Prep 5 mins/Cooking 90 mins, Easy

Fried King Prawn Udon Noodles with Ginger and Sesame Seeds

We love this one. Udon noodles give the dish a nice texture and alongside king prawns and sweet vegetables it just bursts with flavour.

Prep 6 mins/Cooking 12 mins, Easy

Steamed Salmon with Ginger and Spring Onion [Rice Cooker Recipe]

Here's another recipe to our rice cooker series, steamed salmon! Absolutely gorgeous and a really healthy way to cook salmon.

Prep 5 mins/Cooking 10 mins, Easy

King Prawn and Vegetables

King prawn and mixed vegetables is a lovely dish to go perfectly with rice or noodles. Try it today for your friends and family.

Prep 10 mins/Cooking 8 mins, Medium

King Prawn and Green Peppers with Black Bean Sauce

King prawn and green pepper with black bean sauce is a great meaty recipe. The chilli gives it a spicy kick and the sauce tastes fantastic.

Prep 10 mins/Cooking 8 mins, Medium

King Prawn Fried Rice

King prawns, fried rice, what more could we want? Adding some thinly diced onions into the rice gives the dish a sweet crunch.

Prep 20 mins/Cooking 10 mins, Average

King Prawn Chow Mein Noodles

A delicious, fun recipe that is hearty and will go excellently with a side of mixed vegetables. The beansprouts give it that nice refreshing crunch and the king prawns are bursting with flavour. Definitely give this a go!

Prep 6 mins/Cooking 10 mins, Easy

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